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London Time: Day 2 (100 Happy Days Day 23)

Here’s finally the second entry of my trip to London. I totally forgot to post it here.

Anyways, we didn’t do much that day. First we wanted to go see Wimbledon Stadium but once we were in Wimbledon it would have taken us 30 minutes to walk and it was raining so my dad was not in the mood and we went to see Buckingham Palace. We only decided to see Wimbledon because our hotel was about 6 or so stations away with the underground so yeah. Anyways, we went to see Buckingham Palace and guess what…loads of people were there and I saw the Queen and yep. Haha. Well I didn’t actually “see” her…I only managed to chapture her on my video camera which thankfully has a 60x zoom option. It was a bit shake-y but ah well. Better than nothing. After spending ages there we went to see the Wembley Stadium before taking the train back to Wolverhampton.



Day 23

#100HappyDays #Day23 London Day 2 #Wembley

Loved those window displays

MY HERO! He wasn’t fussed by the whole thing and just painted the scene instead. Also, he’s been closer to the Queen than I have been. I’m the creep I would hate if I’d be in his position lmao. I wanna be him. He’s not giving a damn and he’s actually good and teach me please. Teach me confidence.

Lasagna and Cheeeeeeesecaaaaaaake 😀


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