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Dani’s weekly talks #1 (Includes Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars & True Blood)

I first write down what I talk about at what time so you can skip things or only watch things you care about. Maybe you haven’t watched a show and don’t want to be spoiled so you can just choose what you wanna watch. Might make it easier 🙂

Introduction 0:06
Work/Art 1:27
Weather 1:59
True Blood 7×09 2:16
Pretty Little Liars 5×11 7:22
Teen Wolf 4×09 9:09
Anime 14:22
All New Ghost Rider Comic Issue 5 14:42
Football 18:59

I decided to do weekly videos where I talk about anything that happened that week. If it’s tv shows or movies or just life in general…anything really. Maybe I occasionally do more than one a week. Depending what happens because this here turns out very long so I might make it two videos per week to shorten it down. So you might get a video on Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday/Monday. Depending on how much time I have and how much really happened that week.

Please subscribe and also subscribe to mine and Kate’s shared youtube channel which is a lot funnier than this one here haha.


Hi, I'm Dani from Switzerland. I love to do art, watching movies/tv shows and read comics. I hope to some day be able to travel the world, which would make my blog a whole lot more interesting as it is right now.

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