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SeaLife Birmingham (Feb 12th 2016)

Last Friday I went to SeaLife in Birmingham with Kate and I’ve never been to any SeaLife before so this was all new to me. I love the underwater world but I hate eating seafood and I’m glad they are all behind glass because some of those sea animals were really gross and beautiful at the same time. I was able to touch a starfish and I was grossed out and didn’t want to at first but I did anyway. I’m so weird with that kind of stuff. I like those animals but I don’t wanna touch haha

Anyway, I got some pictures so I’ll show some of the best ones. I took my Nikon with me but obviously you weren’t allowed to use flash so most of the pictures turned out blurry and dark and weird but hey, what can you do. My phone actually took better pictures. Another factor that made pictures hard to take is the fact that most of them move constantly so yeah haha

So yeah, anyway, here we go.



And to end this post…here’s a video from the underwater tunnel. I appologise for the stupid sound my phone makes. I really need to get a new one *sighs loudly*



Hi, I'm Dani from Switzerland. I love to do art, watching movies/tv shows and read comics. I hope to some day be able to travel the world, which would make my blog a whole lot more interesting as it is right now.

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