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Spa Weekend in Austria (May 12th to 16th)

On Monday (9th) my mom and I went to visit my grandparents and on Wednesday (11th) my aunt and uncle came to visit. I like seeing family so it was great seeing them again after so long.

Then on Thursday (12th) we packed our stuff and drove to Austria. My dad has booked a wellness weekend for the whole family. This is the first time in a long long time where we go somewhere with the entire family. Last year my sister couldn’t come along, the year before I couldn’t and so on.

So at around noonish we left and it took us a few hours to go to Austria. At 3pm we were able to check in and we went to our rooms and then later on had a swim in the pool and in the evening we got our first dinner.


1.  2. 
3.  4. 
1. Smoked Halibut with Blini and Fennel salad
2. Oxtail consommé with pot roast on celery cream
3. Lemon sorbet with booze
4. veal tenderloin on duck liver raviolo with two kinds of appel and potato mousseline (I tried the liver but ugh…nasty…)
5. Marzipan-Caramel mousseline with Pineapple chutney and Espresso brittle icecream

view from our hotel to the mountains. It cleared up after dinner so I took a few pics

I was so tired that I actually fell asleep at 10:15pm and I slept until my sisters alarm went off at 8am. Breakfast from a buffet is always good since you can eat whatever you want but I actually managed to stay away from bread and only had an egg with 4 stripes of bacon and the rest was all fruit and yogurt and I had tea and black coffee.

Then my parents had their massages so me and my sis just relaxed in our room and listened to music while I was typing some of this and she did math homework.

After that we went to the Thermal baths that required about 5 minutes of walking. The water was so nice and warm and there was an outside part as well and when you swam outside it was still warm but your head was freezing because the air was cold and it was raining haha. That was pretty cool. I wasn’t allowed to take pics in there so there’s nothing.

There was this statue outside of the thermal baths. Thought it looked really cool.

Then soon it was time to eat dinner again. As you can see we didn’t do a lot but sadly the weather didn’t give us a lot of opportunity to go explore the town and surroundings. We rather stayed in our rooms and relaxed as it was supposed to be haha.

2.  3. 
1. Two kinds of sheep cheese with herb foam (I didn’t eat that because I wasn’t sure if I like the cheese since I hate goats cheese with passion)
2. Potato leek soupwith croutons
3. main was from the buffet so I took duck and roastbeef
4. some cheesecake-y kinda boiled thing on stewed plums with raspberry ice cream

The next day (Saturday) didn’t change a lot. Everything was the same except that this time my sister and I had a massage and my parents chilled in their room but after that we went to the thermal baths again and then chilled again in our rooms and then went for dinner. This time we were able to choose what we want to eat. Like there were two options on on of the starters and about 3 on the main so while we had breakfast we got a list so we were able to choose and let them know. It was all so fancy. I’m not used to eating like that haha but it was cool nonetheless.

1.  2. 
3.  4. 
5.  6. 
1. Salad salad always salad….especially when you can take what you want from a buffet
2. Chicken Galantine with celery salad and nut bread
3. Macaroni with ham and broccoli sauce
4. Vegetarian spring rolls with vegetable stir-fry and fried rice (mine and my dad’s main)
5. Sirloin steak on whiskey cream sauce with polenta soufflé and artichokes (my sister’s main)
6. Butterfish on tomato and olive vegetables and potatoes (my mom’s main)
7. Chocolate tart with Kumquats with apricot-yogurt ice cream

After dinner we went to the bar and I had some drinks. My mom had her usual wine, my dad had a Baccardi-Cola, my sister a Sex on the Beach and I had a Piña Colada. This is like the only thing I drink when it comes to cocktails to be honest. Alcohol in general. I drink this and sometimes a beer…preferably mixed with lemonade, WKD Blue and Smirnoff Ice and that’s it really. I’m really not an alcohol drinker.

Then Sunday was our last full day. Since it was Sunday and my parents had another massage in the morning we didn’t go to the thermal baths and just went to our hotel pool after noon to have our last swim and chill before my dad wanted to watch Formula 1 on TV. After that we grabbed something little to eat before hanging in our rooms again. Seriously…this is pretty much all we did all of those Spa days. Sleeping, chilling in our rooms, eating, swimming and getting massages.

our pool

Our last dinner. Again, we were able to choose what we want to eat when we had breakfast.

1.  2. 
3.  4. 
5.  6. 
1. Tuna-Tramezzini Sandwich with Mango
2. Giant prawn on lemon grass risotto (my parents starter)
3. Cress soup (my sister’s and my starter)
4. Spaghetti with basil pesto, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella (mine and my sister’s main)
5. Prime boiled veal with two kinds of mashed potatoes and asparagus
6. Dessert from the buffet. I had crêpes with hot berries

After that we went to the bar again because it was our last night there so we sat together as a family again. We drank the same stuff as yesterday haha.

Aaaaand, it’s Monday, aka the day we drive home. Obviously we still had breakfast so we enjoyed our very last time eating anything at this hotel. I already miss the breakfast buffet and all the food I had. Even tho I had waaaaaay too much I still miss it. Food is great. Food is one of my favourite things in life. It’s in my top 3 haha.

Today they had american themed breakfast so they decorated it accordingly and I obviously had to take pictures.


Then we packed and left. We drove over St. Anton and the higher up we got the more snow it had and it actually snowed and it was freezing cold.


Back in Switzerland we went to McDonalds since we had to use the toilet and then visited someone and then finally arrived back home to have our last dinner together before I fly back to England the day after.

Here’s a video of the whole trip


Hi, I'm Dani from Switzerland. I love to do art, watching movies/tv shows and read comics. I hope to some day be able to travel the world, which would make my blog a whole lot more interesting as it is right now.

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