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Comic review: Giant Days Vol 2

Title: Giant Days Volume 2
Writer: John Allison
Artist: Lissa Treiman & Max Sarin
Pages: 128
My rating: 4.5/5
Received: Bought (at Forbidden Planet Wolverhampton)
Publication Date: April 2016
Publisher: Boom! Box
Format: Paperback
Rating: Teen
Genre: Comedy, University Life, Relationships, Friendships, Young Adult, Academia

Giant Days is a comic that follows 3 girls on their adventures at University. Susan, Esther and Daisy started University a few weeks ago and became instant friends and you follow them through their daily struggles of Life, school stress, friendships, relationships, finding yourself and everything a normal Uni student has to deal with in life. Those three characters are so totally different from each other which makes it even more interesting to see how they interact with each other and get along so well.

I gave this second Volume a 4.5 because it continued to be hilarious and a fun read and I really like the characters, especially Ed (one of the guys who has an obvious crush on one of the three girls) because he’s adorable and yeah, I know there’s gonna be  3rd Volume at some point this year I guess so I will definitely continue with this series.

I go talk about Volume 2 now so if you haven’t read Volume 1 stop right here and go pick it up. Don’t read any further. Thanks for reading up to here but seriously, go pick up Volume 1. Go go! 😀

This Volume continues before Christmas where they have a Hall Ball in University and the girls go dress shopping and feel uncomfortable and after the Ball they separate for the Christmas holidays and things go up and down from there on.

I enjoyed this volume like I did the first one. It’s got a lot of humour and the girls are cray cray and I love it. Ed continues to be adorable and one of the girls gets herself another boyfriend where she’s not so sure if she can tell the other two and another one gets a hot boyfriend who’s so intelligent that she feels like she has to adapt to that and it’s uncomfortable to her until she has enough and it’s just so normal and real when you read this comic. It’s just something that could happen to any of us and that’s just cool. Because you might even be able to relate to the characters if you went trough similar things in your life. It’s definitely a good read if you need something fun to lighten your mood.


Hi, I'm Dani from Switzerland. I love to do art, watching movies/tv shows and read comics. I hope to some day be able to travel the world, which would make my blog a whole lot more interesting as it is right now.

2 thoughts on “Comic review: Giant Days Vol 2

  1. Hey Dani! Apparently I accidentally unfollowed you or something; my mistake :-/ but I’m writing to tell you that I got your letter today! Question: if I send my response this week, should I send it to the UK or to Switzerland? I don’t want it to go to a place you’ve left (or a place you haven’t arrived yet). Let me know.

    1. No worries about that 🙂 And yay, glad you got my letter. Given the fact I’m still gonna be in the UK for another month you’re save to send it to my UK address 🙂

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