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Lame update…oops

Hey, what’s up! Yes, I’m still alive. Sorry for the absence. I just didn’t know what to do with this blog anymore. I felt it’s stupid to link all my youtube videos on here because, if you like them, just go subscribe to my channel hah!

Anyway, it’s 2017 and this is my first post of 2017 and I thought it’s time to get back to this blog again. I don’t know what to really write about here but I will just write whatever I feel like. That’s what a blog is about isn’t it. Also, I try to do more bookish/comic/manga reviews and all that jazz so it’s like a written part of my youtube channel. I’m a lazy ass tho so yeah. We’ll see

But hey, how is everyone doing? January is almost over again like woah, where are those months going. This is insane.

So yeah, that’s it from me for right now.

Stay dope!


Hi, I'm Dani from Switzerland. I love to do art, watching movies/tv shows and read comics. I hope to some day be able to travel the world, which would make my blog a whole lot more interesting as it is right now.

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